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President:   Kaj Juul-Pedersen
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The company's business is investments, trade, consultancy services, e.g. as member of boards, and fundraising.


Curriculum vitae for Kaj Juul-Pedersen

Kaj Juul-Pedersen
Sitella ApS
9, A. N. Hansens Allé
Tel:    +45 39620371
Fax:   +45 39461429
Mobile:   +45 27201717

Kaj Juul-Pedersen was born in 1946 in Aarhus, Denmark. He received his Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark in 1971 and later studied at Centre Européen d'Education Permanente in Fontainebleau and University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Kaj Juul-Pedersen joined Ericsson in Denmark as a software designer in 1972. In 1980 he became Chief Engineer with full responsibility for all public network activities in a period where Ericsson became the dominant supplier to the digitalisation of the Danish telecom network.

In 1983 followed appointment as Market Director, Europe, with Ericsson in Stockholm, and - after success in Switzerland and the UK - in 1985 relocation to England to head the implementation of a breakthrough contract to supply digital exchanges to British Telecom. He worked in Scandinavia 1988-90 a. o. as Director of Systems Research in Stockholm.

Kaj Juul-Pedersen was appointed President of Ericsson in Denmark in 1990 and expanded the company with new activities within research and development, defence electronics, and market responsibility for Iceland and Lithuania. Ericsson became the undisputed leading telecom equipment supplier in Denmark and and was awarded the Danish Quality Award in 1994.

In 1995 he was appointed Vice President of Ericsson Telecom in Stockholm and member of the management team for the worldwide business area Public Telecommunications with responsibility for markets and strategy. This was in a period that saw significant changes for equipment vendors, e. g. with the development of the Internet. In 1997 he was appointed President of Ericsson in Poland.

Kaj Juul-Pedersen left Ericsson in 1997 to serve the Swedish incumbent telecom oprator Telia as President of Telia in Denmark in a period where Telia was establishing itself as a full service operator and launched GSM 1800 mobile telephony. This was followed in 1999 with service for Telia as working chairman of Netia Holdings S.A., a Telia associated company in Poland, with the main task to achieve strategic partners, new investors, and public listings (Nasdaq 1999, Warsaw 2000).

Since 2001, and after leaving Telia, Kaj Juul-Pedersen has been active through his own company Sitella as investor and a professional board member of companies in the telecom and technology business, e. g. as chairman of Tpack A/S, Speakanet A/S, and Net-fence ApS. In the autumn of 2002 he initiated with financial backing from private equity investor Axcel the acquisition of NetTest A/S from GN Great Nordic. NetTest is a world leader in telecommunications test equipment and management systems. Kaj Juul-Pedersen served as chairman of the board until the company was sold to Anritsu in August 2005. He joined the board of Tektronix Inc. (NYSE:TEK) as a non-executive director in January 2007.

Kaj Juul-Pedersen has been a member of a number of boards within the Ericsson and Telia groups in Denmark and internationally, and he has also actively participated in organisational work e. g. as chairman of the Danish Association of Electronics Manufacturers, President of ECTEL, the Association of European Telecommunications and Professional Electronics Industry, a member of the board of Dansk Industri and Telekommunikationsindustrien. He was 1998-2005 chairman of the board of Research Centre COM (Communications, Optics, Materials) at the Technical University of Denmark and is chairman of the board of Crossroads Copenhagen.